Game servers

  • General
  • How to connect to your FTP with Filezilla

    Filezilla will allow you to access your FTP and download folders from it.
    We also recommend its usage when you wish to send heavy or a high amount of files (mods, maps...).


    First, get Filezilla :


    In the FTP tab of your panel, you will find all the informations you need to connect to it.
    If you didn't create an access yet, simply create one in this tab.


    Use them on Filezilla :





    You will see all the folders of your installations (if you have several on Minecraft for example).

    You will be able to download and upload files and folders of your choice (backups, maps, configuration files...)



  • Ark : Survival Evolved
  • Admin commands

    To change the Rcon password, you have to modify it in the "General" tab of your VeryGames panel.

    To use admin commands in game :

    Press on Tab

    And enter: "enablecheats <YourPassword>"

    After having activated this command, you can enter the following commands:


    setcheatplayer true: Enables a cheat menu

    setcheatplayer false: Disables the cheat menu

    cheat AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <SteamID>: Whitelists the person

    cheat DisallowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <SteamID>: Removes their whitelist

    cheat broadcast <MessageString>: Will allow you to broadcast a message to everyone on theserver

    cheat SetMessageOfTheDay <message>: sets a message that pops up when people enter

    cheat God: Enables god mode, you are unkillable except be careful, you can still drown.

    cheat Fly: You are able to fly.

    cheat Walk: Deactives flying and allows you to walk again.

    cheat Teleport: You are teleported in the way that you are facing.

    cheat slomo 5: Changes the speed on the server such as player movement, use slomo 1 to revert to normal speed.

    cheat playersonly: Freezes all dinosaurs at their current location and freezes crafting.

    cheat Ghost: noclip, ability to walk through walls/objects.

    cheat forcetame: instantly tames a dinosaur, can ride without saddle too.

    cheat addexperience 1000 0 0: gives you 1000 xp, you can change the value of 1000

    cheat giveresources: gives you 50 of all resource

    cheat infinitestats: Gives you infinite hunger, stamina, infinite ammo etc.

    banplayer <SteamName>: Bans the user from the server

    unbanplayer <SteamName>: Unbans the user from the server

    cheat damagetarget <amount>: Deals damage to the creature you are aiming at.

    cheat destroyallenemies: Destroys all enemies, they respawn eventually

    giveengrams: Unlocks all crafting recipes for your character *Bugged, you can’t craft these recipes*

    cheat hurtme <amount>: Deals x amount of damage to yourself

    togglegun: toggles the visiblity of your currently equipped weapon/tool or the hands

    cheat settimeofday <timestring>: Changes the time of day, for example settimeofday 12:00

    cheat setplayerpos 0 0 0: allows you to teleport to coords coord map.

    cheat saveworld: saves the current worldstate

    cheat quit: exits the current world, use after saving for a safe shutdown

    cheat execsetsleeping true/false: puts yor character to sleep/wakes them up

    cheat enemyinvisible true/false: makes all creatures ignore you even if you attack them

    cheat destroyall <classname>: destroys all objects/dinosaurs of a classname, refer to the dinosaur or item lists for specific classnames, also works with structures.

    cheat summon <classname>: Summons a dinosaur at your location.

    cheat giveitemnum <ID> <QTY> <Quality> <True/False>: Gives you an item. Example admincheat giveitemnum 1 1 1 false gives you a simple pistol and admincheat giveitemnum 1 1 100 false gives you an ascendant simple pistol

    Note: "True" gives you the plan to build it, "False" gives you directly the item.

  • How to install a mod on Ark

    Go to your Mods folder on your computer and delete your mods.

    Then go to the Workshop and check you have subscribed to all the mods you want to install.



    Start your game. It will download the mods.



    Once downloaded, connect to your FTP and place your mods (mod folder + .mod file) in the Mods folder.



    Check your workshop configuration in your VeryGames panel are good (mods ID separated by a coma).



    Restart your server to apply the mods.

  • Automatic mods install and update

    Since a game update, it's now possible to install and update your mods automatically on your Ark server.


    Indeed, you don't have to upload your mods one by one after each update anymore.



    To setup this, you have first to go to your "Configuration" tab, and activate "Automanagemods" :





    Then go to your game.ini file and add these lines (for example) :



    Add one line for each mod




    Add your mods IDs in the Configuration tab, in the Workshop Mod ID field of the "Global Configuration" tab.

    Add the ID in the Map ID field if you've installed a map such as Valhalla :





    Restart your server. The mods will be automatically installed.
    The more mods you install, the longer it will take for your server to restart.




  • Conan Exiles
  • Change the server name and password

    To change the name and the password of your server, your have to modify the engine.ini file.

    Choose the engine.ini file in the "configuration" tab and add the ServerPassword=YourPassword under the ServerName configuration.

    Your file should look like this :

    ServerName=Conan exiles - by

    Save the changes and restart your server.

  • How to become Admin on your Conan server

    To setup an Admin Password, go to the ServerSetings.ini file, and add the line : AdminPassword=YourPass.



    Save and restart your server.

    Use then the MakeMeAdmin command in your console in game, or directly log through the game menu. You'll then get the admin privileges.

  • Counter Strike : Global Offensive
  • How to become admin on your server ?

    To become an admin on your server, you have to use Sourcemod.
    Sourcemod is a plugin to manage your server with a simplified panel.

    To install Sourcemod on your server, you have to go in the "Plugins" tab of your panel.
    In this tab, install Metamod first. Metamod is mandatory to be able to use Sourcemod.
    Then, install Sourcemod on your server.
    To add yourself you as an admin on Sourcemod, you need your STEAM_ID.
    To get your STEAM_ID, go to the website :
    Add the link of your Steam profil in the search field and click on "Lookup".
    Then copy your STEAM_ID ( first line of the result : steamID ).

    When Sourcemod and Metamod are installed and your STEAM_ID copied, go to the "FTP" tab of your panel.
    Use the FTP access to connect to your FTP ( For a simplified usage, we advise you to use FileZilla ).
    Now that you are connected, go to the folder : /csgo - verygames/csgo/addons/sourcemod/configs.
    Open the "admins_simple.ini" file with a text editor.
    Add your STEAM_ID and the admin rights which you want like this :
    The right 99:z are the most frequently used. They give you all admin rights on your server.

    When you have set your rights up, save the admins_simple.ini file on your FTP and restart your server.
    Once your server is started, connect on it and launch the command !sm_admin in the text chat.
    The administration panel will appear, and you will be able to manage your server (ban/kick, change map etc...)
  • Install and start eBot

    To install eBot, go first to the official website :


    Download the CSAY files.




    Install Sourcemod and Metamod from your panel.




    Place the downloaded files in the "addons" folder of your FTP :





    On the eBot website, create an account (or connect to your account), and add your game server :


    Care about the spaces in the IP address




    Create a match and select your server :




    You will then be able to start the match from the "my matchs" tab :



    Map and password changing will be done automatically.
    After that, both teams must type "!ready" on the chat in game to start the match.


  • Garrys Mod
  • How to install a workshop collection on your garrys mod server ?

    In your configuration panel, place the collection ID of your choice, containing the map you wish to use.


    WARNING : The map you want to use MUST be in the collection you placed on your panel.


    WARNING 2 : The ID must be a COLLECTION and not a single object. The collection must also be PUBLIC on the workshop.


    For example, with Rockford :

    We're then using the ID 328751281




    Save and restart your server.

  • How to become admin on Gmod

    To manage admins on your server, open the users.txt file in your server's FTP, in the Settings folder :



    You should get this :





    // This is your users file


    // You can use this file to add people as admins on your server

    // Add them to the relevant section


    // If you're a Lua coder you can add your own sections and use them

    // in your script by doing pl:IsUserGroup( "admin" ) etc





    //"garry" "STEAM_0:1:7099"





    //"garry" "STEAM_0:1:7099"







    "Superadmin" : You will notice that it's the rank. You can use any ranks in this list :








    "Garry" : is your nickname, you can choose any, it's the steamid that counts.


    Finally on the right, you have an exampl of SteamID. Put yours, save the file and restart the server.



    Don't forget to delete the "//" before your nickname in order for the line to be taken into account.




    To get your SteamID, you will have to go to the website
    Enter your steam profile link (or nickname) and click on Lookup.

  • Minecraft
  • How to transfer data from v1 server to v2 server ?

    To tranfer our Minecraft server’s data to from, you have to make a backup of your server on your computer, then transfert those data on your new FTP server.

    You can transfer all server ‘s files, or just the map, plugins or configurations.


    I) Server ‘s backup

    To download your data, you need to connect to your FTP.

    The FTP connexion’s access are on your VeryGames’panel.

    Go on your Minecraft’s panel, then go in the « FTP » tab.

    You will find in this tab your FTP access : Address , login and password.

    To connect to your FTP with those access, you need a FTP software. In this tutorial, we will use the FileZilla software.

    Here is how the FileZilla software looks like:

    FileZilla is divided into 5 parts :

    1. Connexion’s informations
    2. Operations logs
    3. Your computer’s files
    4. Server’s files
    5. Download queue

    Connect to your FTP with your access (The default port is 21, you do not need to set it on FileZilla ). When you have filled up your access, click on « Quickconnect  ».


    When you are connected to your FTP, you will find your server’s data in the « games » folder,  then « Minecraft » folder.


    In the Minecraft’s folder, you will find your data in the folder corresponing to the version installed on your server.

    For exemple, if you use the Minecraft’s Spigot version on your server, you will find your server’s data in the Spigot folder.


    If you want to make a complete backup of your server, you need to save the Spigot folder on your computer. For that, you just need to slide your Spigot Folder to the left field (field which corresponding to your computer). Your folder will be copied on your computer.

    Attention : take care about the destination folder in your left field.

    In FileZilla’s queue, we will see files being transfered to your computer.

    Wait until the end of the download, after that you can proceed to the next step.

    Note : You can opt not to make a complete backup of your server. You can save only the map, plugins or configurations. You just need to download the corresponding files by using the method described above.


    II) Upload your server’s backup on your new server.

    Before you transfer your data on your new server’s FTP, you have to install the same version that was installed on your last server. For exemple, if your server was on the Spigot 1.8 version, you have to install the Spigot 1.8 version. To install the version that you want on your server, go in the « Games » tab on your VeryGames ‘panel.

    Click on « New game install ».

    Select the Minecraft’s version that you want to install, select the version’s number (1.7, 1.8 etc…). You can customize your installation with a custom name.


    Your server settles down for a few minutes.

    When your server is installed, you will be able to upload your old server’s data.


    Go to the « FTP » tab.



    Before connecting to your FTP, you have to create a login and a password. This login and this password will be used to connect to your FTP. You have to create these accesses during your first connection, they will be recorded on your panel.


    On the new VeryGames website, you can connect to your FTP by two ways.

    -By the WebFTP

    -By a FTP software (FileZilla)


    First method : By the VeryGames WebFTP

    When your accesses are created, you just need to click on the button « Login with this acces » to connect to the VeryGames WebFTP.

    Once your FTP window is opened, you can see various files (according to the versions installed on your server). The log folder contains all the server’s logs. If you installed Spigot on your server, you will thus find a « minecraft_spigot » folder, if you installed OpenMod, you will find a «minecraft_openmod » folder.

    Attention : Do not rename these folders on your FTP otherwise your server will not start !


    To tranfer your old server’s data, you just have to enter to the folder corresponding to ther version installed on your server (Spigot in our case). Then make all server’s data slide from your computer to your WebFTP.


    You can follow the transfer with the download queue at the bottom of your WebFTP.


    Second method : By FileZilla

    As for the old server, you need your login of this new FTP to connect to it. They are present in the « FTP » tab :

    You will find the FTP’s address in the top section. Then, use the login and the password which you created.

    Connect with these identifiers on FileZilla.


    To tranfert your old server's data on the FTP, open your old server's folder in the left field and the new server's folder in the right field


    To transfer your old server’s data to the FTP, slide all files and folders that are present in your old server’s folder from your computer or from the left field of FileZilla.

    You can follow the transfer within the download queue at the bottom of your software.

    When the transfer is finished, your server is ready to be launched.


    To launch your server, go in the « Games » tab on your VeryGames’ panel.


    Select the game version that you have installed (Spigot for exemple) and click on « Confirm ».

    Your server now starts on the version selected with all your data. Once connected on your server, you will thus find your map, your configurations and your plugins.


    Attention : the information of your server contained in the file such as the server’s IP address, the port etc… are automatically updated. You do not need to modify them.


  • Install a mod with OpenMod

    To install a Minecraft mod or version (Either because we don't provide it, or to install another version), you will need Openmod JAVA which allows you to choose the Minecraft archive to launch on your server.


    OpenMod JAVA is installable via the "Games" menu in your VeryGames admin panel.


    Launch the OpenMod install from the "new install" button.


    Go to you FTP and place the .jar archive you wish to launch in your OpenMod folder.


    Once you placed the .jar on your FTP, go back to your panel, in the "Games" menu.

    You will find an "installations list" at the bottom of this page.

    On the line : "Minecraft OpenMod" you have to select the archive you placed in your FTP, in the "version" column.

    You can select this archive by clicking on the red "change" button.


    Once you have confirmed your selection, your server will automatically restart on you .jar archive.

  • Install Forge with OpenMod


    Download the Forge version you wish ton install, on for example  :





    Install the server version on your computer :





    On your VeryGames Panel, create a new OpenMod installation in your Games tab :




    Connect to your FTP (FTP tab), and upload you server files from your PC to your server :





    In the Games tab, select the Forge archive on your server :






    Once your server has restarted, change the active installation on your server and select the Forge installation :


  • How to install a FTB modpack ?

    Download the FTB client and install it :

    Choose the modpack you want to install on your server from the launcher and click on "download server"


    Then, you have to extract all your files in the OpenMod folder on your FTP.
    To know how create an OpenMod installation, you can follow this tutorial :


    Now, you have to add librairies which you need to execut your modpack if there are not in the modpack by default.
    For the FTB Infinity modpack, you have to add the minecraft_server.1.7.10.jar archive.


    Select the modpack archive from the "Games" tab.



    Then, select your FTB installation  as the active game install.


  • Update your Minecraft Classic server

    When a new version of Minecraft Classic is released and available on your VeryGames server, you can update your server easily without reinstalling it.


    Go to the "Games" tab of your VeryGames panel and click on the pen in the "Version" column.


    This window will appear and you will be able to choose the version you wish to install.



    Select the last version of Minecraft Classic and your server will automaticaly restart on this new version.

  • Rust
  • How to connect to Rust Admin

    First, all the informations you need are located in your General tab.





    Copy these configurations on Rust Admin, and check WebRcon
    Click on : Server > Connect



    You should then be connected.
    You'll be able to send commands easily.

  • How to become admin on Rust

    To use admin commands, you first have to get RustAdmin (or Rusty) and connect to your server.


    To know how to do so, follow this tutorial.

    You will then have to go to the website to look for you STEAMID64.
    To do so, enter your steam profile link and click on Lookup.

    To become admin in game, execute the following command on Rust Admin :
    ownerid "your STEAMID64" Pseudo




    Type the following command to save the modification : server.writecfg




    You should then be admin in game (blue nickname).


  • Space Engineers
  • Server configuration

    To configure your server, go to your "Configuration" tab and click on the "SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg" file in the left column.


    Parameter list : 


    • Scenariocan only be chosen for the “New game” option
    • GameModesets the current game mode to creative or survival
    • InventorySizeMultiplierSets the inventory size of all container objects and players in the game. 3x would allow players to carry 1,200 l. (3 * 400)
    • AssemblerSpeedMultiplierSets how fast the assembler works.
    • AssemblerEfficiencyMultiplierSets assembler efficiency. Items produced by the assembler will use ingots divided by this number.
    • RefinerySpeedMultiplierSets how fast the refineries convert ore to ingots.
    • MaxPlayersSets the maximum number of players, there seems to be no restriction here. Keep in mind that more players requires more server resources.
    • MaxFloatingObjectsSets the maximum number of floating items in the game, it is recommended to set this to a lower number to keep lag to a minimum.
    • EnviromentHostilitySets the environment setting, keep in mind that a hostile environment is hostile 24/7, even when players are not connected to the server.
    • AutoHealingIf yes, players will heal if they are not actively taking damage
    • EnableCopyPasteCreative Setting only. Allows copy and paste function on the server
    • WeaponsEnabledAllows weapons to shoot
    • ShowPlayerNamesOnHudShows player names if they are unobstructed regardless of distance between them.
    • ThrusterDamageToggles thruster effect damage on and off
    • CargoShipsEnabledToggles cargo ships.
    • Enable spectatorAllows spectator player slots.
    • Remove trashThe server will automatically remove debri based on size, movement, and player distance from the object.
    • World size in KmSet the size of the world cube. a setting of 0 is considered 'infinite'.
    • Respawn ship deleteShips used for player respawn will be automatically managed and deleted by the server.
    • ResetOwnershipStarting a server with this setting enabled will set all objects to no owner.
    • Welder speed multiplierHigher values increase welding speed; Lower values decrease welding speed.
    • Grinder speed multiplierHigher values increase grinding speed; Lower values decrease grinding speed.
    • Realistic SoundToggles realstic sound. Presumeably an immersion option where certain sounds are more muted, pronounced, or available within an interior or cockpit.
    • Client can saveAllows connected players to save the server map. It is recommended to leave this setting off unless trouble shooting.
    • Hack speed MultiplierHigher values increase the speed of the "hacking" grinder mechanic. Lower values decrease hacking speed.
    • Permanent deathWhen enabled, players lose all ownership of objects upon death. The player can still respawn and start fresh.
    • AutoSave in MinutesSet the frequency the server will save the map.
    • Spawnship time multiplierHigher values increase the time that server side spawn ships become available upon death.
    • Procedural DensityChanging this affects how close together seeded asteroids spawn.
    • Procedural SeedPresumeably any numerical value placed here will generate and save an asteroid seed. IE: You could change the seed number and then come back to the previous seed number and the asteroids would still be in their previous locations.
    • Destructable BlocksToggles whether or not blocks can be destroyed.
    • Enable in game scriptsAllows scripts loaded from in game computer terminals to work.
    • View DistanceSet the distance of how far each client can see/render objects.
    • Flora DensityPlanets only setting??
    • Enable tool shakeToggles whether tools and objects attached to the tool shake when in use. Disable to reduce cpu load.
    • Voxel Generator VersionCurrently, this only controls whether or not ICE will spawn on asteroids. Version 0 Will have no ice. Version 1 has the first iteration of ice. Version 2 has the current iteration of ice.
    • Enable OxygenToggles whether or not oxygen can be used / is needed for players to survive.
    • Enable 3rd person viewToggles whether or not players can switch to third person via keyboard bind.
    • Enable encountersToggles the random spawning of player made ships / points of interest that were officially imported to the game. (procedural option only?).
    • Enable floraPlanets only setting??
    • Enable Station Voxel SupportToggles whether stations built on asteroids snap to the asteroid grid.
    • Enable Sun RotationToggles whether or not the sun rotates around the area of play.
    • Disable respawn ships / cartsDisable respawn ships.
    • PhysicalIterationsSet how often the server cpu checks for physics. (Collision). 4 is considered a moderate setting while 10 is very high. A popular server will want a low setting.
    • Sun rotation intervalHow quickly the sun completes a rotation. Higher values will slow it down.
    • Enable jetpackEnable / Disable player jetpacks.
    • Spawn with tools Enable / Disable players spawning with hand tools.


  • How to become admin on your server?

    To set someone as admin, you will need his SteamID64:

    •  Go to your Steam profile and copy your profile's URL
    •  Go to the website and paster your URL.

    This website will convert your URL into various elements, including your SteamID64.


    Once you have obtained your SteamID64, go to the "Configuration" tab of your VeryGames panel.
    Select the configuration file, and add your SteamID64 in the "Administrators" field.
    Save your configuration file.

    Then, your server will be restarted.

  • How to configure your server in private?

    For now, the only feature that allows to make the server private is to restrict it to a Steam group.
    Therefore, you'll have to create a Steam group. Invite all the players you wish to grant access to.

    You'll then need the ID64 of your group.

    • Go to your group's page

    For example :

    • Add "memberslistxml/?xml=1" at the end of your group's URL :


    Copy the group's ID64 that is located into the "groupID64" tags :


    • Once you have you ID64, go to the "Configuration" Tab of your VeryGames panel and click on the configuration file :


    All you have to do left is to place the ID64 into the "Group ID" field, and save your configuration file.

  • How to install mods on your server?

    To install Space Engineers mods, you have to get the mods IDs that you wish ton install. You will find the mod's ID on its workshop page.


    You will find the number in the URL of each mod's page, for example :
    The "Corner Lights" mod's number is then : 530693136


    When you have this ID, go to your VeryGames panel, in the Configuration tab.
    You simply have to place the mods IDs in the field, click on "add" and save the configuration.


    When you save the configuration, your server will be automatically restarted.
    The mods will be automatically downloaded and installed on your server.

  • How to create an ulimited world on your server?

    To create an unlimited world, you simply have to follow these steps :

    Click on the "SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg" that you'll find in your Configuration tab, and set :

    - "WorldSize" to 0
    - "ProceduralDensity" between 0 and 1 (0.42 for example). Every numbers will have differents effect on your asteroids
    - "ProceduralSeed" between -2147483648 and 2147483647. Like "ProceduralDensity", it will generate a different world depending on the indicated number.

    Save your modifications.
    Your server will be restarted and your world will be unlimited.

  • Starbound
  • Add an admin on Starbound


    To add an admin (or several admins) on your Starbound server, go to the Configuration tab of your panel.

    You have to add users in the ServerUsers section of the file.




    If you wish to add a single user, use this format :

    "jean" : {
    "admin" : true,
    "password" : "pass123"


    You will then get this :



    If you wish to add 2 or more users, Jean being admin, Jacques being a simple user :



    "jean" : {
    "admin" : true,
    "password" : "pass123"
    "jacques" : {
    "admin" : false,
    "password" : "toto123"


    Note the comma (very important !) after the first user configuration.
    Only the closing singleton ( } ) of the last user doesn't get a comma after it.
    You therefore have to get your configuration file like this :





    Save the file and restart your server.

    Connect to your server using the created logins.



    Note : adding non-admin users is useful when y ou wish to restrict your server's access with the "allowAnonymousConnections" : false configuration, which prevent anonymous players connection.

  • Terraria
  • How to become admin on your server?

    To be able to access an admin mode on your server, you first have to install the Tshock version, available by doing a new installation in your "Games" panel.


    Activate the game


    Once connected you need to obtain the admin token. This can be found via your ftp, in the authcode.txt file



    With the authentication token, in the client type /auth <token>.
    You should now be a server admin temporarily.

    The command should be executed without the brackets, like this: /auth 123456


    Now you are a serveradmin, you need to create an account. Type /user add "username" "password" superadmin

    Again, the command should not have the brackets: /user add myusername mypass superadmin


    You can then login as the newly created user /login "username" "password"

    And, again, no brackets: /login myusername mypass


    Finally you need to type /auth-verify to complete the process.


    You should now be listed as a server admin! Each time you connect user the username you registered you will be prompted for a 'server password', this is the password you created.