Voice servers

  • Mumble
  • How to admin your mumble server

    To admin your Mumble server, you have to connect to it as a SuperUser.

    To do so, go to your general tab to get and/or modify your SuperUser password.




    Once your password copied, edit the connection parameters, use the "SuperUser" name (with the upercases).
    A password field then appears.






    Click on OK, and connect.
    You're then SuperUser.



    You can now administrate your Mumble server and create channels (for example).





  • TeamSpeak 3
  • Become a Teamspeak admin on you server

    To become a Teamspeak admin on your server, you need to use a privilege key.



    This key will be asked the first time you connect to your Teamspeak server.

    You will find this key in the “Privilege key” menu on your Teamspeak panel.

    Warning:   A privilege key can be used only one time.


    You will be able to create other privilege keys, to become admin from another machine (another computer, a tablet or a smartphone) or further to a computer reset.

  • ServerQuery’s login and password

    The Server Query’s login and password are used by plugins and connect bots on Teamspeak 3.


    To create a login and a password, follow those steps:

    1. Connect to your server and make sure that you are admin.
    2. Click on "Tools"
    3. Then, click on "ServerQuery Login"

    Server Query


    4. Enter the name that you want and click on "Ok"
    Server Query


    5. The pop up will appear and will display your ServerQuery's name and password.

    Advise: Save the login and the password in a text file.

    Server Query


    You will find the Query’s port in the “My server” menu of the VeryGames panel.

  • Change the name, the password and the welcome’s message.

    To change the Teamspeak server’s name/password/welcome’s message, you need to be connected in admin on your server.

    • Click on the root channel (the first channel).
    • Select Edit Virtual Server.


    Edit virtual serveur


    The following window opens:

    Server name : put the server name that you want.

    Password : password required (for any user) to connect to the server.

    Welcome Message : Welcome message which will appear in the chat’s channel when you connect to the server.

    Gestion virtual serveur

    •  Click on "Apply" and "OK"
  • Change your Teamspeak’s banner

    You can add a banner on your Teamspeak server. This banner will appear in the Information server’s part.


    Maximum height : 300px

    Maximum width : there is no maximum width but think to not put a too widest picture otherwise you will not see it entirely.

    Image type :  You can use any image type, but prefer one that is not too big as the .png or .jpeg.


    You need to host your image or use a URL (for example, a google image).

    • Connect to your Teamspeak.

    Warning : you need to be connected as admin on your server to proceed the following steps.


    • Make a right click on your server’s name (root channel on the top of your channel’s list.)
    • Select Edit Virtual Server
    • Then click on “More” button on the left bottom.

    banniere TS3


    In the “Host” tab, you will find the line “URL” (At this line, you can set a redirection up on your picture.) and the line “Banner GFX URL” (At this line, put your URL’s picture, Google URL for example).


    banniere TS3


    Now you need to fill out those fields and click on “Apply” and “Ok”.

    Your image now appears on your Teamspeak.

  • TS 3: sensitive to network disturbances

    By its nature, TeamSpeak 3, voice transmission in real time on the Internet, is a very sensitive service to network disruptions.



    What are the possible disturbances and their impact?


    The interferences can be linked in particular to:

    • a technical problem with our network provider, in which case, we contact our providers immediately to inform them of the fault.
    • a problem in an intermediate network operator: in this case, we inform our provider to ask if it is possible to bypass the problem.
    • a problem with an unfiltered DDoS attack (not detected): in this case, we analyze the attack and enter with our provider to develop new measures against which allow to detect and block future similar attacks. Undetected attacks are rare (1-2 per month on average).
    • a problem with a filtered DDoS attack (blocked): 95% of detected attacks do not disrupt the service. For the remaining 5%, the service is disrupted few seconds / minutes (less than 5 minutes).


    In all cases, either the service works intermittently (partial disconnections, voice like a "robot", cuts in the dialogue ...) or it does not work at all.



    What are the solutions provided by VeryGames?


    We have acquired over the years expertise in the anti-ddos protection and network quality. With this experience we choosed to use the first European operator network (OVH) and it's unmatched Anti-DDoS protection: filtering capacity of 480 Gbps, and a network of over 3 Tbps of overall capacity.
    We are in constant contact with their network engineers, and we actively participate in the improvement of anti-DDoS protection.
    We are aware of the importance for our customers to have a stable service, and we do everything to achieve it.
    Regarding the DDoS, dozens of attacks are received daily on our infrastructure, and 99% of them are detected / blocked completely, and are therefore transparent for our customers. The remaining 1% brings disturbances, and are as unpleasant as inevitable, given, again, the nature of the TS3 service.
    When this happens, two solutions: be patient until the perturbation ends, or have a secondary TS3 server  (in another country or another operator).


    NOTE: a new generation of anti-DDoS is being tested at our provider OVH, even better, which avoids the few seconds / minutes of disruption before a detected attack. Installation on our TS3 servers of this new anti-DDoS is scheduled for the month of July 2015.

  • How to use YatQa

  • Use your own domain as teamspeak address

    To use your domain name with your service, you must point your domain to the IP address of your server.
    For this to work without specifying the port, you need create an SRV entry on your domain name.


    We have for teamspeak current address, ts11.verygames.net:1234
    We want, ts3.rebels-corp.net


    The poiting of your domain at the IP will be made via a type CNAME, which is setting this way:

    • The subdomaine: ts3
    • The destination: ts11.verygames.net


    For this to work without the port, you need create an SRV entry, which is setting this way:

    • The service: _ts3
    • The protocol: UDP
    • The subdomain: ts3
    • The priority: 3600
    • The port: 1234
    • The weight: 5
    • The target: ts3.rebels-corp.net

    The final result is:

    • _ts3._udp.ts3.
    • SRV 3600 5 1234 ts3.rebels-corp.net.


    We use Cloudflare, the manipulation remains the same with OVH, 1&1, ...

    Beware, DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to be effective.

  • Music Bot
  • Set your TS3MucisBot up and connect it to your server

    To use your TS3MusicBot on your Teamspeak, you need to set it up.
    You will find the bot’s configuration panel on your VeryGames panel, in the « General » tab.

    In this panel, you need to configure:



    “Custom name” (optionnal): Custom your service’s name on your VeryGames’panel.
    TS3 server address: For this option, you can choose a TS3 server that is on your VeryGames account (if any) with drop down menu « Teamspeak 3 Server from your VeryGames account » or configure an external Teamspeak server IP and Port.
    “Admin password”: Admin password for the TS3MusicBot’s admin panel.
    “User password”: User password to give users access to the TS3MusicBot’s admin panel.
    TS3 query login: To set the ServerQuery’s login/password up follow those instructions : ServerQuery's Login and password
    TS3 query password: To set the ServerQuery’s login/password up follow those instructions: ServerQuery's Login and password
    TS3 query port : If you are using a Teamspeak server on v2.verygames.net, you will find your query port on your panel, « General » tab. For another Teamspeak, the port is provided by your host.



    When you have saved all informations, the « Access to dashboard » bouton will appears on the « TS3MusicBot control panel » board.

    It is recommanded to configure your Teamspeak chan on the best audio quality. (Audio tab in the chan’s configurations, then put the Quality option on maximum).


    Now click on « Access to dashboard ».
    On this panel, you will find all your bot’s options and features.



    For more informations about options, features and their use, check the Bot’s official documentation : http://wiki.ts3musicbot.net/index.php/Kategorie:TS3MusicBot_English

  • Control your bot from Teamspeak (Query mod)

    To control your TS3MusicBot directly from Teamspeak, you have to register your admins and users’ unique ID in your bot’s panel. Your Bot has to be connected on your server in Query Mode.


    To connect your server on Query mode, follow this tutorial : https://faq.verygames.net/?page_id=213&question=99

    To register your unique ID, connect on your Teamspeak server.


    One you are connected, click on the “settings” menu, and on “Identities”.


    The “identities” window opens.
    In this window, you’ll find the Unique ID information.


    The unique ID is a specific identifier for each user. If you wish to add several users in your bot’s admin, you have to get each user’s ID. Every user has to perform this manipulation and provide you’re their Unique ID.




    Copy this Unique ID.

    Go to your TS3MusicBot panel.
    To do so, connect to your VeryGames panel.
    Then click on TS3mBot panel and on “Panel access”.




    Once connected to your Ts3MusicBot panel, click on “settings” in the left column.

    Then click on the “TS3MusicBot settings” button.

    In the showed menu, you can see the fields “admin identities” and “User identities”.


    Paste your Unique ID in the desired field, according to rights you wish to attribute to this unique ID.
    Use on ID per line.


    Save your configuration with the “Save all settings” button and restart your Bot.
    You can now control your bot. The commands list is available in your TS3Bot panel, in the “Command list” section.

  • How to connect your bot to your Discord server

    To connect your bot to your Discord server, first create an app via this link







    Choose the bot's name and create the app :





    Create a bot user :




    Click on Save changes :


    Invite the app on your Discord server by opening this link in your web browser :


    Replace "YOUR_CLIENT_ID_HERE" by the bot's clientID (cf next screenshot).


    Place then the Token and ClientID in your VeryGames panel, instead of the IP and Port (General tab) :




    Save the settings, and your bot will join your server :




    Simply use your bot the same as on a TS3 server, by connecting to the bot's panel :