The voice server panels

  • TeamSpeak 3 control panel
  • Dashboard

    In this part, you can see :

    • registered users
    • registered channels
    • connected users
    • used disk space

    • If you don't have a running subscription

    You are informed about your service expiration date. You have a direct link to renew it.

    information expiration TS3

    • If you have a subscription

    You are informed about it. You just have to click to go to your subscription management page.

    information renouvellement TS3

    You'll find a brief description of your TeamSpeak 3 :

    • The "alias : port"
    • Slots number
    • Features (if you have one)
    • Hosting location (Europe or NA)

    You can also contact our official support.

    NOTE : it will preselect the service you are contacting.

    information TS3

    You can see the status of your service, and do action :

    • Stop
    • Restart

    In the bottom board, there's some of your logs :

    • Date and time
    • Action done

    To get the detail of these actions, you only have to click on See more

    NOTE : You can also, click on HISTORY, in the left menu.



  • General

    In this section, you can configure several parameters :


    • Add/Change the custom service name


    NOTE : Don't confuse it with the rental custom name that you can add/modify directly in the rental board.

    nom personnalisé


    • add/modify the server's public name
    • add a welcome message
    • add a password

    You can calso :

    • Add/remove a DNS alias

    DNS aliases are only available with domain names offered by VeryGames  (ex :
    If you wish to add your own domain name, you can buy one in the VeryGames shop.



    Then :

    • Add/delete an IP in your whitelist.


     NOTE : Some features aren't available when your service isn't online.

  • Privilege Key

    Privilege key


    The "Privilege key" tab will allows you to generate a new key.
    To do so, once on the Privilege key tab of your panel, you'll only have to click on "Generate a new privilege key"


    By activating it on your TS3 server, you'll then be automatically added in the "Server Admin" group, providing your the admin rights on your server.

    You'll then be able to create channels, manage permissions...

    CAUTION : A privilege key is usable only once.

    You can generate new keys to be able to become admin from another source (another computer, tablet, smartphone...) or following a computer formatting.


  • Logs

    The "Logs" tab shows you everything that happened on your server : connections, permissions modifications, kick, ban... and the users who have done these modifications.

  • TS3 Viewer

    In the TS3 viewer tab, you'll find the Javascript code to integrate your server's view on your website.


    You'll also be able to change its display.


  • Mumble ULL control panel
  • General

    The General tab allows you to :


    • Customize the name of your service
    • Customize the DNS alias for free, so you can connect through it instead of the IP address
    • Manage your server's configuration (name, welcome message, AFK...)



  • Mumble users

    The Mumble Users tab will allow you to manage the users.


    You can see the online users, mute them, kick/ban them, unban...

    You can also create specific users and see the registered users.


  • Mumble viewer

    In this tab, you can find the Javascript code to be able to implement your server's viewer on your website.

    You can also setup the display on that window.


  • Server's logs

    In this tab, you will see all the actions made on your server.